Using Problem Based Learning


Learn the skills to identify a problem in your company and apply the process to enable you to solve the problem within the company. The participants will be guided through the process with learning material, a tutor, a network of learners and real life case studies and will develop a range of skills in problem solving, management, communication and team work. Problem based learning has been successfully applied in training doctors and nurses to apply what they have learned to real life problems through a 9 stage process. This course will do this for companies.


  • What is problem based learning
  • Becoming a self directed learner in PBL
  • Selecting a problem for PBL
  • The roles in PBL and small group learning
  • The PBL process
  • Collaborating and completing the PBL process - Clarifying terms,  Defining the problem, Brainstorming,  Developing learning objectives, Self study and information literacy (how to find the information to solve your problem), Sythesising a solution, Reflecting on PBL and reapplying your learning
  • Using scaffolds and supports


The module will be run over 10 weeks. It will be delivered completely on line.The learner will be required to participate in a 1 hour tutorial and complete 8 hours of independent study per week. The learner will be able to access the tutor during this independent study as required. Short weekly assignments will be submitted to the tutor.


SME employees who would like to develop skills in problem based learning. Participants must have the Leaving Certificate or Equivalent.


To be confirmed.


The normal cost of participating in this module is €200 however between April and July this course will be available for free (without the award of ECTS)

Booking Essential

To register contact


The ISME Learning & Development Team on 01 6622 755 or email

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