Intermediate Excel


Learn how to create complex models involving multiple linked sheets and files; analyse data using what-ifs and scenarios; validate and audit data and generate reports using Pivot Tables.


Introduction and Review
Good Spreadsheet Design, Using Help, What’s New in Excel 2010, Excel Screen, Task Panes, Smart Tags & Option Buttons

Document manipulation – Create, Open, Save, Delete Workbooks

Data Entry – Text and Values, Review Comments, Review Formulae

Formatting – Numbers, Alignment, Font, Borders and Patterns

Editing - Cut, Copy & Paste, Research Task Pane

Paste Special Options Values, Transposing, Visible Cells, Paste Link

Advanced AutoFill AutoFill Options with the Smart Tag, AutoFill with Numbers and Dates

Functions Relative & Absolute Addressing

Review – Sum, Average, Max, Min, Count

Logical - IF, CountIf, SumIf, And, Or, Not Nested IF, Text Functions, Error Handling Functions

Conditional Formatting Text / Formulae Conditional Formatting

Working with Cell / Range Names Multiple Ranges, Creating and Deleting Names, Applying Names

Multiple Sheets / Multiple FilesReview Using Multiple Sheets, Formula between Workbooks, Copy & Paste Link, Saving a Workspace, Group / Ungroup Worksheets

Database Management with Excel Using the Data Form, Review Sorting and Filtering a Database, Advanced Filters, Using the Sub-Total Feature, Database Functions, Simple Data Validation, Text to Columns Feature,
Lookup Functions

Pivot Tables Creating a Pivot Table, Updating the Table, Changing the Table Structure, Formatting the Pivot Table, AutoFormats, Creating Charts from the Data, Calculated Items

Protection Protection – Cells / Sheets / Files, Using IRM

Viewing & Printing
Page Break Preview, Print Preview, Page Setup Options, Print Area, Print Non-contiguous Areas

Advanced Charts
Review Creating a Chart, Chart Types and Formatting, Adding / Removing Data, Picture Charts, Custom Charts, 3D View

Web Integration
Saving Excel Workbooks as Web Pages, Inserting Hyperlinks, Emailing Excel Workbooks


This is a highly interactive, practical and participative course.


Aimed at experienced Excel users who need to create and manipulate more complex models using some of the advanced features of Excel.


To be confirmed.


1 day course: €230 ISME Skillnet Members, €325 Non Members

Booking Essential


Sheila Flannery, Training and Development Manager, 01 6622 755,

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