ISME Training contributed to the Europaprenuer project which is an innovative way towards common European competence based entrepreneur qualifications, entrepreneur diploma (EuropaPreneur).

The task of entrepreneurship trainers, teachers and tutors have become more challenging and multifaceted not only in Finland but throughout Europe. Facing the changes in the fast changing environment and the increased demands on the nascent entrepreneurs (assuring business survival, acquaintance with global challenges and competition, increase of project-based work, importance of business growth, etc), entrepreneurship trainers, teachers and tutors play a very important key role.

Their task is to convey entrepreneurial mindset, business skills, decision-making, problem solving, innovativeness, social and self-learning competences etc to the nascent entrepreneurs and, also increasingly, to detect communicative, organisational and coordinative tasks. Yet many of them lack those skills and competences with which they will be able to practice their extended role as a coach, learning companion and coordinator and complement their task of transmitting business specific knowledge.

A consortium of eleven partners from eight countries was formed. In the framework of this project, Irish, Finnish, Dutch, Belgian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Slovenian partners contributed to the creation of a Europapreneur qualification system proposal. The project team integrated expertise and experience in fields of training, e-learning, management and legal consulting, curriculum development, and vocational training.

The mix between SMEs, training institutes, public bodies and departments of ministries of education/VET, e-learning experts, consulting companies and end-users produced results, which employ theoretical and entrepreneurial approaches as well as practical experiences.

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