Archimedes is a project funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + programme. The Erasmus programme is aimed at building relationships between industry and education providers.

The aim of the Archimedes project is to address some of the problems SMEs have with current training. This will be done by developing a solution to develop skills that address their real needs while maximising ROI and minimising time spent away from the workplace.

Archimedes aims to address these issues by developing a learning solution centered around the problems SMEs face. In the proposed solution the employee solves a problem within the organisation and learns key skills as a result. This solution is expected to provide an immediate ROI, is tailored to the SME needs and can be conducted on the job. To achieve this the project will:

• Identify current learning practices in SMEs.
• Identify the current challenges SMEs face.
• Develop a guide to assist companies to use problem solving to develop new skills.
• Develop a handbook to guide companies using this approach.
• Develop training material to assist SMEs to solve these problems.
• Create a learner support network to assist employees in SMEs to solve relevant issues.
• Develop IT tools to assist SME learning through problems.

This material is available on:

There are also two training courses in Problem Based Learning available for FREE. Click here for more information.
Contact us if:

• Your company wishes to be part of our research.
• Your company wants to avail of the learner support network.
• Your company wants to avail of the handbook: “A guide to using problem solving for skills development.”
• Your company would like to access the training material.
• Your company would like to avail of the IT tools for learning.
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