Funded Projects

ISME Training receives funding for specific projects from a number of sources. We are currently funded by Skillnets and the EU for three projects, further details of which can be seen by clicking on each link below:

ISME-Trinity MBA Bursary

ISME is delighted to partner with the Trinity Business School  to offer its members a unique opportunity for 5 outstanding candidates to win an ISME & Trinity MBA bursary, each bursary is worth 15% of the MBA tuition fee(€4,425)...  Read More

ISME Skillnet

Skillnets funds and facilitates training through over 50 networks of private sector companies, in a range of sectors and regions. Each network delivers training that is relevant to specific industry and member company needs...Read More


TeamMate aims to equip team leaders, managers and enterprises with the skills and behaviours to meet the challenge of managing remote teams and to exploit the benefits afforded by the use of remote team-working. Read More


Archimedes is a project funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + programme. The Erasmus programme is aimed at building relationships between industry and education providers. The aim of the Archimedes project is to address some of the problems SMEs have with current training. This will be done by developing a solution to develop skills that address their real needs while maximising ROI and minimising time spent away from the workplace. Read More

EU Management Skills Benchmarking Project

Perspectives 360 is a simple and effective online 360 degree assessment system. It provides a personalised set of practical development suggestions that the online 360 assessment report generates and are interpreted by the manager and facilitator...Read more


SME Training is a contributor to the Europaprenuer project which is an innovative way towards common European competence based entrepreneur qualifications, entrepreneur diploma...Read More