Nein, Nein, Nein

There is a housing emergency and ISME says the new government should make an emergency 999 phone call to Germany.

Don’t call Saul – call Lennar

Yesterday one of the largest homebuilders in the US, Lennar Corporation topped analyst’s forecasts by building 4,806 homes in the last three months. That’s nearly 20,000 homes a year – enough to single-handedly fix this country’s house shortage. So why doesn’t An Taoiseach call the Lennar CEO and invite him to the ‘Best Little Country without Enough Homes’ and ask him when could he start?

Dept. of Health decentralisation to cost €225m?

AT ISME we have spotted a shocking story of potential State waste in this morning’s IrishTimes. The OPW, on behalf of the Dept. of Health, is looking to lease most of the old Bank of Ireland HQ on Baggot St. This would move the Department from its current run down abode in Hawkins House in a less than salubrious centre city location to a prime, prime, prime location on Dublin’s South side.

Fantasy Election Manifesto

12th February 2016, Dear elector, I am asking for your vote. As a country we still owe €200 thousand million (200 billion) the equivalent of 97% of our GDP and we have massive crises in all of the following areas;
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A Politician’s Unnatural Itch Friday 29th August 2014 It must be the political equivalent of scratching an awkward itch, to meddle in the property market, as politicians seem to get an unnatural pleasure from it. According to the usually well
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