IBEC welcomes competition, but not just yet

18th January 2016, IBEC, the body that is sponsored by State organisations but purports to represent Irish business, has welcomed the appointment of David Begg to the position of Chairman of the Pensions Authority. Some will find it reassuring that despite such rash radical talk that nothing has changed. It’s still jobs for the boys, in this case a part-time positing that pays €100,000 plus expenses.

ISME doing the work of the unions

ISME Doing the Work of the Unions Monday 24th November, 2014. Trade union SIPTU says about its own work, “In addition to its daily activities in workplace bargaining with employers, SIPTU campaigns on a wide range of issues – some
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A great day to join ISME

A sunny Friday, afternoon, wind-down time even for the owner-manager – and it’s time to do a little thinking. Think why you should join ISME. ISME is your organisation and the organisation for you. We’re not just a lobby group,
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