Sinn Fein versus Sinn Uile (…and no we don’t mean the party)

Most of you will know that ‘Sinn Fein’ means ‘ourselves alone’, but not too many of you are likely to know that ‘Sinn Uile’ means ‘all of us together’? The little word after Sinn is all important to us at ISME because it helps define how we see the world

The secret life of John Halligan TD

We’ve done our best to find out more about John Halligan T.D., the Junior Jobs Minister or to give him his formal title, Minister of State for Training and Skills.

Fantasy Election Manifesto

12th February 2016, Dear elector, I am asking for your vote. As a country we still owe €200 thousand million (200 billion) the equivalent of 97% of our GDP and we have massive crises in all of the following areas;
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Joan Burton T.D. contracts deadly ISME virus

4th February 2016, Politicians normally keep their distance from ISME members because of the possibility of catching ISME fever. The ISME condition makes those infected want to set up businesses and take economic control of their own lives. However, it’s well known in SME circles that most politicians are keen to avoid any chance of picking up this kind of infectious thinking and preferring to peddle State interference and clientelist handouts.

ISME’s 4,000 welcomes to new members

Figures published today show that 4,000 businesses were formed last month. This is despite the government’s real lack of support for smaller businesses (see previous blogs for details including our letter to An Taoiseach that seemed to really strike a chord), the Irish public is voting with its own hard earned money to form companies and get into business.