How to become a movie star

If somebody is looking for you, or your business, they’ll be using a mobile device to find your website and the stats are now showing that your website has to carry short videos

Newspapers will disappear you know

8th January 2016, If you don’t have a website you are invisible. If you are not trading on it you are dying. It’s 2016. What are you waiting for?

Time to tackle the anti-business lobby

Dear ‘colleagues in rolled up sleeves’, It has been, without a doubt, the worst couple of years that any of us in business can remember. The good news though is that the economic winter is now truly over (unless those
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‘I think I’ll be an entrepreneur today’

‘I think I’ll be an entrepreneur today’ Tuesday 13th Jan 2015 Few if anyone wakes up in the morning and says ‘I think I’ll become an entrepreneur today’. What’s more likely is that you have a business idea, or economic
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Banksters of Ireland turn the screw 200%

Banksters of Ireland turn the screw 20% Thursday 4th December 2014 The job of repairing the damaged relationships between the banks and their SME customers over the last number of years took a body blow today when the bailed-out Bank
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We’ve become worse than goldfish

We’ve become worse than goldfish Tuesday 2nd December Our sceptical selves wonder about these figures but if you Google ‘attention span’ the ‘Google machine’ says that we now have a lower attention span than a goldfish – and of course
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We love competition – NOT!

We Love Competition – NOT! Friday 14th November 2014. Entrepreneurs are liars When an entrepreneur is asked whether they like competition they usually lie. That is they’re always quoted as saying ‘we welcome competition’. But of course they don’t. What
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A great day to join ISME

A sunny Friday, afternoon, wind-down time even for the owner-manager – and it’s time to do a little thinking. Think why you should join ISME. ISME is your organisation and the organisation for you. We’re not just a lobby group,
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