A Sterling Demand from Business

What we seek is a low cost lending mechanism that can give these struggling businesses some breathing space to help to adjust to the new reality.

The secret life of John Halligan TD

We’ve done our best to find out more about John Halligan T.D., the Junior Jobs Minister or to give him his formal title, Minister of State for Training and Skills.

A load of old weathercocks

So a State employee (Howlin) wants to use (mostly private sector) taxpayers’ money to pay more to those State employees.

Dept. of Health decentralisation to cost €225m?

AT ISME we have spotted a shocking story of potential State waste in this morning’s IrishTimes. The OPW, on behalf of the Dept. of Health, is looking to lease most of the old Bank of Ireland HQ on Baggot St. This would move the Department from its current run down abode in Hawkins House in a less than salubrious centre city location to a prime, prime, prime location on Dublin’s South side.

The Luas tram that boldly goes where no man has gone before

10th February 2016, A two day Luas strike will affect 90,000 commuters this Thursday and Friday. According to an article featured in the Irish Times, Luas drivers believe that historically they have been grossly underpaid for the role they perform in stressful and demanding environments.

The €64 billion question

The €64 billion question Tuesday 6th Jan 2015 Last year’s government figures are in and we managed, again, to spend billions and billions of Euro that we don’t own, to keep teachers, nurses, Gardaí and even our elected officials in work.
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Banksters of Ireland turn the screw 200%

Banksters of Ireland turn the screw 20% Thursday 4th December 2014 The job of repairing the damaged relationships between the banks and their SME customers over the last number of years took a body blow today when the bailed-out Bank
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Hide behind mammy’s skirt.

Hide behind mammy’s skirt Wednesday 3rd December 2014 Interesting to see the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) ask the Government, “in the interest of transparency”!! to publish the advice from the Attorney General on the issue of upward only rent reviews
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NTMA and the 1916 Rising

NTMA and the 1916 Rising Thursday, 27th November 2014. For all that the naysayers and history revisionists may say, it’s accepted by the vast majority of citizens that those who fought in the 1916 insurrection wanted a better Ireland –
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