Joan Burton T.D. contracts deadly ISME virus

4th February 2016, Politicians normally keep their distance from ISME members because of the possibility of catching ISME fever. The ISME condition makes those infected want to set up businesses and take economic control of their own lives. However, it’s well known in SME circles that most politicians are keen to avoid any chance of picking up this kind of infectious thinking and preferring to peddle State interference and clientelist handouts.

Richie Boucher reads Tweets

12th January 2016, We have to be honest and say that it came as a great big surprise to us that the boss of one of Ireland’s pillar banks has the time to read your tweets. Richie Boucher, a nice
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AIB and its unpaid debts

Word reaches us that someone has turned up the heat at AIB bank. No, not the office thermostat but the intensity of their pursuit of debtors has gone up a notch or ten in the last few weeks we have been told. Though the rest of us may call it the Season of Goodwill, AIB begs to differ.