We have been made aware of a number of scams currently in operation.

Email Scam Caution

Please continue to be cautious of any suspicious emails which you are sent. The practice of 'spoofing' email addresses so that they appear to come from a known recipient is still prevalent and we have had some reports an ISME email address being used for this purpose. Be sure to delete suspicious emails and do not click any links therein.

Banking Payments Federation of Ireland (BPFI) 

A number of businesses have recently been targeted by fraudsters using bogus emails which purport to be from a senior member of staff within the organisation requesting an urgent payment or electronic transfer be made outside of normal procedures or trading patterns.

A member of staff at the finance or accounts department receives an email purporting to be from a senior member of staff within the organisation, whether Director, CEO, Chairman, levels etc., requesting they arrange an urgent payment outside of their normal procedures due to exceptional circumstances.

The email appears to be genuine due to the address in the “From” box reflecting the genuine email address of the senior member of staff. With the recipient believing the email to be genuine, they arrange for the payment to be made through their preferred payment method for the credit of the fraudster’s account, from where the monies are usually quickly withdrawn or transferred out

A pdf version of the BPFI CEO/CFO Spoofed Email Payment/Mandate Request Fraud Alert is available to download here.

TESCO x 2:

2 are emails coming from a mailbox named "Tesco" although the email address does not include a domain.

"Our staff is always looking to improve customer service, and would like to understand how your shopping experience can be improved .
Once you have finished the survey, you will receive a €150 reward"
"You have received this message because of the recent shopping you did at Tesco stores . It's time we reward you.  We have prepared a reward for you in exchange for your honest opinion of our service. Please download the attachment and follow the instructions."

If you receive either of these emails, mark them as junk and disregard.  If you are in any doubt, contact your IT Provider.

The 3rd scam, appears to be a letter from the Patents & Trademark organisation asking you to renew your patent.  Please contact the Patents office directly should you have any queries about a Patent or Trademark. Phone: 056-7720111