ISME Member Green Angel Skincare Hosts Event

Over the years we have managed to grow the Green Angel skincare brand organically. This has enabled us to support the local economy by taking on local people to help with production, administration and sales. We are proud that all Green Angel Skincare products are still made and will continue to be made in Ireland and not outsourced abroad. We thank everyone who has been involved with supporting us along the way.

The success of Green Angel has now given us the opportunity to support a cause which is very close to our hearts.

Angels for Charity is supported and run by Mary and Chris Mitchell the co-founders of Green Angel. They married in 1994 and had planned to start a family but it didn't all go according to the plan. After a few years and no family they decided to adopt a little boy and a few years later a baby girl.

Humbled and full of love and gratitude for the remarkable gifts that had been placed in their care, they were committed to doing their job as parents to the very best of their ability.

Normal attachment develops during the first two years of life. Older adopted children need time to adjust and get used to their new living environments and may take quite some time for attachment to begin. Like many adoptive parents Mary and Chris soon learnt that behavioural problems can surface due to anxiety, insecurity and lack of attachment.

Caring for a child who has had a difficult start in life and giving them a future filled with love and support carries with it a huge amount of challenges. Mary and Chris's family found great help and support from the Post Adoption Services in Barnardos Ireland's leading children's charity in learning how to respond appropriately to these challenges.

They are forever grateful for this support and would like to help secure the future for this important service, for families and particularly for the children who have suffered a traumatic start to their lives.

''Please come and join us for an evening of fun and laughter at the Ballsbridge Hotel on April 4th '' says Mary and Chris. ''We thank you in advance for your help in supporting this worthwhile cause''.

We have set up a website and Facebook page where you can read a little bit about the performers and you can contact us on 089 4179606 or  Please give our Facebook page a 'Like' if you get a chance.

Tickets are €39 each. If you have a friends, staff or customers who fancy a good night out we are selling a book of 10 tickets for the price of 8 tickets (and by the way all tickets bought are being put into a free draw for a limousine to the event with an overnight stay for two with breakfast) A great Mothers Day gift too!

There will be goody bags which will contain a luxury Green Angel Product, lots of spot prizes and finger food. Show finishes at 11:30pm with a DJ and bar extension until 2am. It promises to be a great night.

Also if anyone fancies a stay over in the Ballsbridge Hotel on the 4th of April they are offering the first 20 double occupancy rooms with breakfast for only €99.

Any promotion for this event that you can give us in any way at all will be greatly appreciated.


For more information or to purchase your ticket, please click here.


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