TV & Radio

TV & Radio Coverage

9th-15th April

‘The Last word with Matt Cooper’  (From 51.29) RTE radio 1  

26th-31st March

Radio Kerry The Tommy Marren Show Mid North West FM  

19th-25th March

Cost to business with bad weather Kildare FM

5th-11th March

RTE radio 1 RTE radio 1 TV 3 The Tonight show    

12th-18th February

The Last Word with Matt Cooper, ‘Parental Leave’ Newstalk Parental leave Limerick 95 FM

30th January- 4th April

High cost of insurance News talk, 31st January

9th-14th January

“Kildare Fm”    24.34-31.15 mins  

4th-10th December

Kildare FM Southeast Radio Newstalk

6th-12th November

Shane Beatty Kildare FM