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15th-21st May

Damage limited to about 20 IP addresses so far Irish Times EI outlines plans for 600 Irish firms Irish Examiner Cut dole queues by slashing SME costs The Kerryman High cost impacting SMEs Limerick Post Oireachtas call for end to
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8th-14th May

ISME Renews Call For Commercial Rates Overhaul Business plus 9th May No improvements in payments to SME’s Tallaght, Clondalkin, Lucan, Ballyfermot Echo 9th May Wicklow does well in local rates survey Wicklow Times 10th May Satisfaction with government better Irish Examiner
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1st-7th May

High business costs hurting job creation says ISME Business world 3rd May Income tax targets not being met despite rapid fall in unemployment Irish Mirror 3rd May Business groups call for shake-up of commercial rates Irish Examiner 5th May Laois
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Week 24th-30th April

Government must assist small firms with EU tenders, says Isme Irish Times 24th April Still not Spring time for Ireland’s Small Businesses Irish Examiner 24th April Small Firms still hit by High Rates Irish Daily Mail 24th April Brexit weighs
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Week 17th-23rd April 2017

Government must assist small firms with EU tenders, says Isme Irish Times 21st April Demand of €1.6bn by Public Sector will be harmful Irish Daily Mail 21st April ‘Action is required now’ – Isme call for Government action on securing EU
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Week 10-16th April

Support your local community, 12th April Galway Independent

Week 3-7th April

Brexit puts EU development work within Ireland’s reach, 3rd April The Times Further fall in unemployment rate is proof recovery continues – Varadkar, 5th April Irish Independent Wildcat strike totally unjustified Ballyfermot Echo, Tallaght Echo, Clondalkin Echo, Lucan Echo

Week 27-31st March

Half of Isme firms fear Brexit will hit profits as wages hold up, 28th March 2017 Irish Independent, 77% of ISME firms feel Brexit will not hit staffing levels – survey, 28th March 2017 RTE news Almost half of Irish SMEs
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Week 20th-26th March 2017

Public pay gap, 21st March Limerick Post High Business Cost Hurt Job Creation, 22nd March Tallaght news High Business Cost Hurt Job Creation, 22nd March Rathcoole and Saggart news High Business Cost Hurt Job Creation, 22nd March Clondalkin News Centre
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12-19th March 2017

Cut business cost to cut dole queues, 13th March Kerryman North Edition Need for a greater online presence, 14th March Lucan Echo Civil servants demand two days more holiday, 14th March The Times  

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