Other Reports

ISME commissions other bespoke survey results and publications. In March 2017 we conducted a survey on the ‘Impact of Brexit on SMEs” and in May 2017 we also published the result of our ‘Local Authority rates survey’.

These reports and publications drive our policy agenda and give a clear picture of how particular issues are impacting the SME sector.

Impact of Brexit on SMEs

Local authority rates in how they are calculated continue to add significant business costs to many companies. We surveyed our members on this particular issue in May, as a result of feedback we received.

The findings of this report were presented to members of the government and local authorities. ISME in its ongoing efforts, is striving to see a reform of our local authorities commercial rates system”.

2017 Research Report

Local Authority Commercial Rates

In March, we conducted a research report on the impact of Brexit on the SME sector. The survey posed six questions focusing on Staffing, Turnover, Profitability, Imports, Exports and Relocation post-Brexit

2017 Rates Report