Research Reports

ISME is dedicated to providing informed and relevant representation for its members. The Association regularly surveys its membership to ascertain their views on pertinent issues.

The Association is committed to lobbying for employers rights and for the best interests of the SME sector, and to providing small business advice to enable better business management.
Survey results are analysed in detail to allow the Association to formulate policy recommendations and position papers which reflect the views and experiences of SMEs.

Bank Watch

ISME is committed to monitoring the current banking situation and the availability of credit for SMEs.

The Association consistently lobbies the Government to improve this issue and surveys its' members on a quarterly basis to obtain the most up-to-date information.


Prompt Payments

ISME monitors the issue of payment delays for SMEs on a quarterly basis. Late payments can be particularly detrimental to SMEs and the Association is dedicated to highlighting the lengthy delays by big businesses in paying their smaller suppliers.

ISME has brought this problem to the attention of Government and sits on a group focused on finding and implementing solutions.

Business Crime

ISME conducts an anual Crime Survey to highlight the issue of business crime. The aim of the survey is to provide a better understanding of the nature, cost, extent and impact of crime against SME business across Ireland, and to make specific recommendations to Government and law enforcement agencies.

Business is at the heart of the community and therefore any crime against business is an attack on the very fabric of the whole community.


Business Trends

ISME Quarterly Trends Survey monitors and analyses 12 Key Business indicators. These results are then communicated to policy-makers, the media to give voice to the concerns of Irish SMEs.

Indicators include employment, the business environment, exports, investment and sales.

Government Satisfaction

The levels of satisfaction amongst SME owner-managers with the government of the day is a good indicator of whether or not the administration is enterprise focused and if business owners are being adequately supported in their develop their businesses.

The Quarterly Government Satisfaction survey analyses satisfaction levels across a number of headings including jobs and business costs.


Other Surveys

ISME commissions other bespoke survey results and publications throughout the year. In March 2017 we conducted a survey on the ‘Impact of Brexit on SMEs” and in May 2017 we published the result of our ‘Local Authority rates survey’. In Mid-October we will be publishing the results of our national Broadband survey.

These reports and publications drive our policy agenda and give a clear picture of how particular issues are impacting the SME sector.