ISME Library

We issue Publications and Research Reports for SMEs on range of topics.

Our publications include 'The Owner Manager magazine', a magazine containing business information, news, practical tips and advice that really matter to owner-managers, as well as Newsletters that include helpful and insightful news pieces to ensure that SMEs are always in the know.

Our Research Reports provide an essential element to our lobbying and representation. We survey members on a quarterly basis in areas such as Access to Credit, Business Confidence Trends, Prompt Payments and Government satisfaction. We also conduct an annual crime survey, which analyses the impact crime has on businesses. The research we gather and collate is used to lobby and inform Government on the issues facing the SME sector.

  • ISME Publications
    Magazines and Newsletters containing articles and tips for SME owner-managers.
  • Research Reports
    We are dedicated to providing informed and relevant representation for its members and regularly survey Members to ascertain their views on pertinent issues including Insurance Rates, Business Trends and more.