How to set-up your ISME Member Profile

Where To Start

The first step in changing anything on your Member profile is to hover over your name at the very top right and click 'Edit My Profile'.

It is easiest to open a new tab to follow these directions, click here if you would like to do this.

Setting your Company's Logo

In order to make sure the Directory displays your Company's logo, first click the 'Media' tab on the left hand menu.

When this page opens, click 'Add New' at the top of the page and find the version of the company logo that you wish to upload.

Once this is done, go back to the edit my profile page. Do this by hovering over the top right again and clicking 'edit my profile'.

Click on the blank picture which is titled 'Profile Image', select your picture and then click 'set Profile
Image' at the very bottom right.

Your logo is now uploaded, and will feature as your Company Logo in our Directory.

Updating your Business Information

When clicked into the 'Edit My Profile', scroll down towards the bottom of the page. The first field is titled 'Company Name' followed by 'Short bio....'. These are the only fields that are required to be completed in order for your Company's Profile to be on our Directory, please ignore other fields above as they relate to historic versions.

Please enter your Company details as accurately as possible and keep in the mind the points below:

When entering your county, please enter only the name and do not put 'County or Co.' before. For example, enter 'Waterford', 'Louth', 'Leitrim', 'Dublin' but not 'Co. Waterford' or 'County Louth'. If you do this, the filter will not pick it up and your profile may not be found. Your county is where your company is based, not where you are targeting.

Make sure to change the 'Sector'
to what your business offers, the form is set-up to have 'Accountants' as default. If your business does not fit into any of the pre-defined sectors then please mark other and e-mail

An example of how you may fill the various fields.

The final step is to click 'Update Profile' at the very bottom. If you do not click the 'Update Profile' then the changes you have made above will not appear on the directory.

How it will look

Once all of the above is complete, your profile will then display like the below in our Members' Directory. Member's can also access more information by clicking on the name of the business.