Optional Contract Clauses

This document provides additional contractual clauses which may be relevant depending on business requirements.  Please read carefully.  Any relevant clauses should be inserted into the contract of employment.  If you are in any doubt as to whether certain clauses need to be inputted please call 01-6622755.  We highly recommend you contact us prior to issuing any new contract templates.


The company reserves the right to search your person, vehicle and property while on and / or immediately prior to departing from the company premises.

Sick Pay (where Scheme Exists):

The company operates a Sick Pay Scheme.  In order to be eligible to receive payment under the scheme you must have completed ­­­­____ months continuous service with the company prior to the first date of your illness, notify the company of your absence within 30 minutes of your normal start time and submit a medical certificate on the third day of continuous absence and weekly thereafter.  Backdated medical certificates will not be accepted.  No payment will be made for the first _____ days during any period of absence.  The sick pay scheme will entitle you to the following______________ (include details of sick pay entitlements here).  The company reserves the right to withdraw payment at any time from any employee found to be abusing the scheme.

Travel Time: (for those without an office base)

You will be required to travel in the course of your employment within the _______ area.  Travel to and from your first and last appointment will constitute working time.

Compassionate leave (Where Scheme exists)

In the event of the death of an immediate family member (Mother, Father, Partner, Sibling.) the company will offer ____ days compassionate leave.    In the event of the death of a non-immediate family member (Grandparent , Aunt, Uncle, Cousin etc.) the company will offer ____ days compassionate leave.

Health and Safety:

The organisation attaches the highest regard to the Health and Safety of all of its stakeholders.

All employees are required to familiarise themselves with the company safety statement and internal procedures, and undertake their own specific obligations in order to ensure the safety and welfare of all company stakeholders.  Failure to cooperate in this regard could result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Data Protection:

Over the course of your employment, the company will be required to collect certain personal data to fulfil legitimate objectives.  Personal Data collected will be for the sole use of the Company and will not be shared with any third party without your prior consent.  Requests for copies will be dealt with in line with Data Protection legislation.


The company reserves the right to legitimately use CCTV footage in line with the provisions of the Data Protection Acts.  Such use will be for the purpose of ensuring the health and safety of all stakeholders and to ensure the security of the company premises.  Cameras at located at (list of locations).  Access to any material recorded will be strictly limited to authorised personnel.   Requests for copies will be dealt with in line with the Data Protection Act Requirements.  Please refer to the CCTV policy for more information.

Internet and Social Media Usage:

Specific work communication systems (e.g. emails, Skype, Instant Messaging services) are provided by the company for legitimate business use.  Work systems must be used solely for work related purposes and the sending of personal emails/messages is not permitted.  Any misuse of company work systems will be investigated and could lead to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. Examples of such misuse include, but are not limited to:

  • Sending offensive or abusive material to others
  • Sending messages/material that could reasonably be expected to damage the reputation of the business
  • Viewing, downloading or distributing any inappropriate/illegal content or material

The company reserves the right to monitor usage of any work systems where there is a legitimate concern relating to work or the workplace and with specific authorisation by the Chief Executive.

A limited amount of personal use of the internet is permitted during break time and outside of normal working hours provided that such usage does not interfere in any way with the work of your fellow colleagues.  Personal Internet Usage must not be used to take part in any activity that could bring the company name into disrepute or to engage in any criminal or illegal activity.

In addition, while the company recognises that the use of social media is a personal choice for the employee, you are requested to be mindful of the content of your messages when using these sites and of how they can be linked to the organisation. The company reserves the right to take disciplinary action in any circumstance whereby the employees personal use of social media has brought the company name into disrepute or has negatively impacted the organisation or any of its employees in any way. Examples of such behaviour include, but are not limited to:

  • The publishing of any material that is defamatory or abusive in relation to any company stakeholder
  • Publishing confidential business information
  • Publishing any material that could reasonably be interpreted as damaging to the reputation of the business

Please refer to the Social Media Policy for more information.

GPS Tracking:

You will be required to travel over the course of your employment.  A company car and GPS device will be provided for your use.  The GPS device is fitted with a tracking system that will allow the company to record the vehicle location, route taken, time spent at each stop and the speed of the vehicle.  Information collected will be for the use of ensuring employee safety, increasing employee efficiency and maintaining accurate timekeeping records. The company reserves the right to track this information during working hours only.  Failure to comply with the instructions outlined in the company policy can lead to disciplinary action.


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