Current Issues

Some of the key areas that ISME is currently lobbying on are:


  • Tax discrimination suffered by the self-employed. SME owner-managers pay more tax than their employees, despite the fact that they are the job-creators.
  • The unfair taxation treatment of travel expenses for non-executive directors.
  • Further improvements to the Employment Investment Incentive Scheme and the Start-up Relief for Entrepreneurs scheme.
  • The improvement in conditions to allow increased equity investment in SMEs.

Cost Competitiveness

  • Improve Ireland’s cost competitiveness and oppose any increases in costs related to sick pay, pension costs and mandatory PRSI increases.
  • The campaign against further unsustainable increases in the minimum wage and unrealistic wage expectations.
  • Reduction of local authority costs and their rates.
  • Abolish Upwards Only Rent Review leases.
  • The fight against Black Economy operators.
  • The ongoing campaign for a reduction in all Government influenced costs.

Prompt Payments

  • The introduction of a 30-day payment guarantee, to address late payments to SMEs.
  • The need to promote the Prompt Payment Code and Charter to increase the number of signatories.


  • Introduction of a Strategic Investment Bank in addition to the SBCI.

Public Sector

  • Public Sector reform and cost reduction.
  • The introduction of an Independent Public Pay Commission.

Social Welfare

  • The ongoing campaign on reform of the social welfare system.

Public Procurement

  • Improved access to Public Procurement for SMEs.


  • The reduction in Red Tape.
  • Maintaining an Employer Disability Information service and helpline.

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