The year of living dangerously

28 February, 2017 You know how it goes in Ireland. The first sign of sunshine and the ‘Irish summer’ has begun. The first game one of our teams wins and the tournament is already in the bag. The late Bill
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The Lock-Out Fantasy

Less Luas means less people travelling for either business or pleasure (as some call shopping) into the city centre.

Brexit, Trumpit, Bulls*it, Do it.

The threat is not Brexit or Trumpit. The real threat is at home with our pork barrel politicians trying to cling to power. They’ll offer anyone, anything. There’s already the Luas, now CIE, then ESB and the teachers. It looks like Haddington Road is going down the S-bend. This is not Easter, this is Christmas for public sector unions.

James Connolly commemoration cancelled by Citizens’ Tram strike

Meanwhile, without either recognising the irony of the situation or without a smidgen of personal embarrassment, SIPTU officers are happy to seek a wage rise of up to 54% for their tram drivers that would give them a salary of €65,000 a year before bonus, for what is semi-skilled work. It would make you weep. As a country we really do greed better than any other. Sinn Féin of 1916 has morphed into Mé Féin in 2016.