A load of old weathercocks

So a State employee (Howlin) wants to use (mostly private sector) taxpayers’ money to pay more to those State employees.

Albert Einstein on the Irish Economy

4th May 2016 Albert Einstein was a very clever man, so clever that even before this death he was able to anticipate the insanity of Irish government economic policy. One of German genius’s famous phrases was, ‘The definition of insanity
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How dare you!

22nd February 2016, That’s right. How could you dare not to come to the ISME Spring Briefing Sessions? We’re running these FREE sessions on various dates and in various locations during the coming month, starting this Wednesday, the 24th, and
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Newspapers will disappear you know

8th January 2016, If you don’t have a website you are invisible. If you are not trading on it you are dying. It’s 2016. What are you waiting for?

Black Hole

Scientists who have solved the mysteries involved in the Bermuda Triangle, after many years have given up on the Black Hole phenomenon in the Irish Postal service. It is a well-known fact that more cheques have been lost in the Irish Postal Service than any other in the developed or undeveloped world.

Phone books, remember them?

2nd of April, 2015. When was the last time you used a phone book to find something or some business’s phone number?  Probably in the last century as most of use either a PC, a tablet or more so nowadays,
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We’ve become worse than goldfish

We’ve become worse than goldfish Tuesday 2nd December Our sceptical selves wonder about these figures but if you Google ‘attention span’ the ‘Google machine’ says that we now have a lower attention span than a goldfish – and of course
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A great day to join ISME

A sunny Friday, afternoon, wind-down time even for the owner-manager – and it’s time to do a little thinking. Think why you should join ISME. ISME is your organisation and the organisation for you. We’re not just a lobby group,
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