Dumb and Dumber

By the time you’re reading this… … We will probably know the result of the British General Election 2017. We here in ISME aren’t holding our breath on the result, because frankly, the return of Mrs May or the election
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The year of living dangerously

28 February, 2017 You know how it goes in Ireland. The first sign of sunshine and the ‘Irish summer’ has begun. The first game one of our teams wins and the tournament is already in the bag. The late Bill
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One for the road

  A disaster waiting to happen ISME members prefer it that we keep it ‘strictly business’ and that we keep away from politics, particularly international politics. The media’s current obsession with ‘Trump Bad, All Others Good’, has meant that many
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More bad news from our nearest neighbour

First, some good news According to a story in yesterday’s @IrishTimes by @IrishTimesLaura a national map of mobile coverage quality offered by different phone operators is to be made available to consumers. This is thanks to @ComReg and it could
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Budget 2017, Back to the Future

Brexit, what Brexit? Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose -“the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing”. No we’re not getting high falutin’ here at ISME, just reflecting on yesterday’s budget. Despite the realities of Brexit staring Irish businesses
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A Sterling Demand from Business

What we seek is a low cost lending mechanism that can give these struggling businesses some breathing space to help to adjust to the new reality.

Boris Johnson and the Dublin Bus drivers

28th June 2016 Viva Las Vegas It took only two days for the UK Brexiteers to be shown up for the charlatans that they are. The rag bag of extreme right wingers, mé féiners, Little Britons and bizarrely some of
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