Playing the ball, not the man

It was pretty depressing stuff. Listening to one of our leading government ministers telling one of our leading broadcast journalists that the country was paying off its debts. This, as ISME members know, is simply untrue. Why any politician that
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Read this and weep

I read an article in Fortune online yesterday that brought a tear to the eye. Writer Adam Lashinsky wrote about what former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was doing with some of his many Microsoft millions of dollars. Ballmer said that
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How to eat an elephant

Too big to be true Sometimes in business, as in life, a problem is so big it’s even hard to comprehend and therefore hard to tackle. But what if that ‘problem’ was a market so large in value terms that
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Dermot Bannon Economics

Spend what you don’t have It’s part of his shtick on the RTE TV programme ‘Room to Improve’. John and Mary want an extension. They tell architect Dermot Bannon that their budget is €100,000. Bannon designs something that will cost
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A working class

At ISME we try to keep the national economic narrative honest. When commentators make false claims, particularly around areas such as public sector pay, government spending and taxation, our job is to correct the record