Dumb and Dumber

By the time you’re reading this… … We will probably know the result of the British General Election 2017. We here in ISME aren’t holding our breath on the result, because frankly, the return of Mrs May or the election
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Play the Lotto – for free!

Heads you win How much would you pay for a Lotto ticket that gave you a one in two chance to win €120,000? What if we changed the rules, and told you that you didn’t have to pay for your
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Read this and weep

I read an article in Fortune online yesterday that brought a tear to the eye. Writer Adam Lashinsky wrote about what former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was doing with some of his many Microsoft millions of dollars. Ballmer said that
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The year of living dangerously

28 February, 2017 You know how it goes in Ireland. The first sign of sunshine and the ‘Irish summer’ has begun. The first game one of our teams wins and the tournament is already in the bag. The late Bill
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More bad news from our nearest neighbour

First, some good news According to a story in yesterday’s @IrishTimes by @IrishTimesLaura a national map of mobile coverage quality offered by different phone operators is to be made available to consumers. This is thanks to @ComReg and it could
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Union members should revolt

The spirit of Larkin and Connolly It’s hard to know nowadays what the exact role of a trade union is? Their glory days of fighting the ‘Bosses’ and lockouts are long over. Almost all workers’ rights are now, correctly, enshrined
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Winne the Pooh economics

At ISME we get our inspiration from the most wonderful of places. Today, Winnie the Pooh, everyone’s favourite bear, is 90 years old so we thought we might draw on some of Winnie’s wisdom to explain something about inflation in the Irish economy.

ISME refuses to name #unnamed

We’re not going to encourage them so we’re not going to name the organisation that sent this sad catchall news release out today.