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Patricia Murray, Senior Work & Organisational Psychologist with the Health and Safety Authority is in conversation with our HR Advisor, Cait Lynch on a series of videos to discuss Managing Stress at Work. The videos will focus on three key areas

Work-related stress

Conflict in the workplace

Employer stress

Cait poses questions and discuss areas of concern based on the queries and experiences ISME members are dealing with on a daily basis.

Work-related stress

Patricia and Cait discuss managing stress in the workplace.

Resources mentioned in the video can be found below:

Employer stress

Patricia and Cait discuss Employer stress.

Resources mentioned in the video can be found below:

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ISME Wellness Programme (EAP)

As we support our members and their employees returning to the office, we are committed to delivering the best, most appropriate, and most accessible solutions along with our partners, Laya healthcare and their health & wellbeing provider, Spectrum.Life. All of their services continue to be delivered to the highest clinical standards by fully accredited, experienced professionals.

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