Terms of Employment

The Terms of Employment (Information) Acts 1994 & 2001, require employers to provide employees with a written statement of terms of employment. This is generally taken to mean a contract of employment and there are very specific items, apart from hours of work, remuneration, title/position, which need to be included.

picISME Members have full access to the following templates of contracts of employment:

  • Template Full-Time Contract
  • Template Part-Time Contract
  • Template Fixed-Term Contract
  • Template Irregular Hours Contract

Other elements of employment for which specific legislation has been enacted, and for which further information, is available for:

  • Agency and Temporary Workers
  • Part-Time Workers
  • The Employment of Children & Young Persons
  • Fixed-Term Employees

ISME Members also have access to a comprehensive template Company handbook containing a range of policies and procedures relevant to their business here. It includes detailed grievance and discipline procedures, social media, mobile phone usage, company car, bullying and harassment, dress (code of conduct) and alcohol and drugs policies amongst many others:

  • Template Company (staff) Handbook

The major piece of legislation covering employment in Ireland is the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997. Specifically, this Act deals with hours of work, employee’s entitlement to rest periods, annual holidays and the calculation of entitlements, as well as other employment aspects. The Act also contains a suggested working hours’ time sheet, and this is available for ISME Members in our Members' Section.