Leave Entitlements

Leave Entitlements


Leave Entitlements

“There are a number of leave options open to employees.  Advice on leave entitlements, qualifying conditions, notice periods and employer rights are available for members on the ISME website. ISME members can access further information here:”


Leave Entitlement Policies

Annual Leave
Public Holidays
Maternity / Additional Maternity Leave
Adoptive Leave
Parental Leave
Force Majeure (emergency) Leave
Carer’s Leave
Jury Duty
Absence Policy
Return to Work Plan
Return to Work Interview Form
Sick Leave

  • Leave Entitlement Templates

Return to Work Interviews are one of the most effective measures employers can take to reduce absence levels. It is recommended that you conduct a return to work interview on the morning the employee returns from absence – to help you with this we have created an ISME template click here to access.

Return to Work Plans are a good idea for employees who have been on long term sick, as they allow both parties map out the activities/duties/goals for the coming weeks and months. Employers might also need to factor in change of tasks, start times etc. to accommodate the recuperating employee. You  can access the template here.