Key Employment Policies

The following Employment policies are available for ISME members in our Members' Area:

ISME Members Only

    • Bullying & Harassment Policy:
      Bullying and harassment of employees, whether by colleagues or management, is a serious matter, and one that is not always easily recognised. This sample policy has been designed to assist in both the identification of incidents of bullying and harassment, and in dealing with such incidents once a complaint has been received.
    • CCTV Policy:
      The usage of CCTV systems has greatly expanded in recent years.  The CCTV policy document provides guidance on the recording and processing of CCTV data within the workplace.
    • Confidentiality Policy:
      The confidential nature of many employees work requires that information acquired within the workplace about the affairs of the company or any of its suppliers/customers are never disclosed.  This policy outlines the standards surrounding confidentiality within the workplace.
    • Internet & Email Policy:
      The Internet and Email policy outlines the guidelines surrounding the use of internet and email at work.
    • Maternity Policy:
      The maternity policy outlines the current maternity leave entitlements for all pregnant employees.
    • Mobile Phone Policy:
      The mobile phone policy provides guidance on the appropriate use of mobile phones within the workplace.
    • Restrictive Practice Policy:
      The details included in the restrictive practice policy provide guidance on the usage of restrictive clauses.
    • Smoke-Free Work Policy:
      Legislation in relation to smoking in the workplace is covered by the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts 2002 and 2004. Under the legislation smoking will not be permitted in any enclosed workplace, although some exemptions apply.  This sample policy outlines the responsibilities of the employer and guidelines on the steps to be taken to comply with the legislation.
    • Social Media Policy:
      The Social Media Policy document provides guidance and direction to staff when utilising all types of online social media sites and networks.