Pictured at the launch of the Equality in the Workplace - An Employer's Guide are (LtoR) Kenneth Buchholz, HR Consultant, John Ryan, ISME Chairman, Renee Dempsey, CEO The Equality Authority and Mark Fielding, CEO ISME.

Equality in the Workplace Guide

All Irish companies, regardless of their size, need to be aware of and address the issue of equality in their company policies. Equality legislation requires that no person is discriminated or treated in a less favourable way than another person on any of the nine grounds mentioned in the equality legislation.

This guide provides companies with the necessary information in order to prevent discrimination from taking place in their workplace, through helping them to prepare their own equality policies and procedures. A business, which has the necessary equality policies in place (equality and diversity policy, equal status policy and bullying and harassment policy), has made their employees aware of the correct behaviour and provided it adheres to these policies, has a first line of defence in case of a complaint against them.

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